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Interview with Olivier Fache

Please tell us about your job role.

I’m the company’s Technical Manager, leading a team of 16 people who handle product-related technical issues. We develop three main groups of industrial valve products: ball valves, butterfly valves and other more specific valves, such as regulating valves.

Where do you fit into the production process?

We’re involved at every stage from design through to customer service, including quality control, HSE and certification. We ensure that products are compliant with the appropriate professional standards and with market approvals. Our help can either be requested in the early stages, for product design and development, or in troubleshooting problems at the customer’s premises. As such, we get involved in every phase of the process, from initial contact with the supplier to final delivery to the customer, and then providing after-sales service or dealing with certification arrangements.

What is your employees’ usual background and what personal qualities do they have?

I work with both technicians and engineers. Our work mainly concerns the design and development of customer-driven products, so it’s important to be thorough and methodical, and to demonstrate an analytical mindset.