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Interview with Cyril Patoux

Please tell us about your job role.

I’m the manager of the Methods and Maintenance department, which has 7 members of staff. The Methods department is responsible for industrialising products and for new production resources, which means creating operating methods, tools and machining programs so that we can manufacture our products. Maintenance is responsible for the upkeep of production equipment and buildings. We also have responsibility for new work, including set-up projects and the installation of new machines, the first of which will arrive in November.

Where do you fit into the production process?

We get involved at a number of points prior to and during production. We work with the design office on all new products, to establish how they will be made. We also have significant involvement during the manufacturing phase, supporting the production process in case of any problems. The Methods technicians provide machining and assembly support to the workshops.

What is your employees’ usual background and what personal qualities do they have?

They are technicians, so they have technical skills, of course, but it’s also important to have an inquiring mind and to be responsive and tenacious. They have to be solutions-oriented, especially when troubleshooting a machine issue. Our department often gets requests for a solution or assistance in case of particular problems.