Sector News

More than 50 tonnes of new equipment in 2017

Two new manufacturing stations are to be added to the 51 machining, metalworking and assembly stations already present on the 6-hectare factory site in Ham, France.

The aim is to offer end-to-end manufacturing on site, producing valves in a range of nominal diameters from 8 to 2,400 millimetres. “By controlling production in-house, we can manage flows, reduce timescales and ensure we achieve the quality our customers require,” explains Cyril Patoux, the company’s Methods and Maintenance Manager. Specifically, the first machine is a Tour DMG CTX for ball valves which complies with the latest requirements of oil and gas operators. The second, a 50-tonne colossus with a footprint of 100 m², is a turn-mill centre capable of machining butterfly valves with a nominal diameter of 1,400 millimetres. In conjunction with the arrival of these two new machines, Methods department technicians will be trained in the use of CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, for speedy conversion of a computer plan into a machine program. Introducing this software dramatically reduces the risk of error, as well as the lead time for production start-up.