Product Gachot V16 : reliability, flexibility and innovation

The PVI (formerly Pentair) site has been producing GACHOT V16 valves for more than 10 years. Today, they are widely acknowledged in the market for their reliability and adaptability. Jean-Yves Bloas, PVI’s Commercial Director, says that “once they’re installed, that’s the last we hear of them.”

Their major advantage lies in the fact that the same structure can be used in 6 different applications, making it possible to modify an overall system by altering the operating principle of the valve without changing the position of its central section.

When Pentair sold the Ham site, PVI took over all the intellectual property for the Gachot brand, giving the company the freedom to innovate, adapt and add to the brand’s products. The primary product development objectives for the V16 valve are improved design and capacity, with cryogenics and fire safety as the initial target sectors.

Restoring the Gachot brand to its place as a major player in the French market for ball valves is an ambitious, achievable goal.